Unique Web Design and Development Tailored to your Brand!

Unique Web Design and Development Tailored to your Brand!

Unique Website design and development using the latest technology and design methodology to provide the best quality for our clients designed to fit in with your brand and your business culture.

WordPress has it’s uses, secure and serious business websites just aren’t one of them!

Would you be shocked to know that most web designers charge over $1,000 for a website theme downloaded freely on the internet? They then install this theme with a ton of add ons on a wordpress driven website... sounds alright though doesn’t it? Well, not really.

WordPress has major security flaws, one of which is the way it handles templates and plugins. Most specifically the code inserted into any template or plugin file is executed with the same permission as the WordPress core, this enables malicious code to hide in virtually any free-to-download code. Worst still, none of this code is peer-reviewed and tends to be posted by untrusted or unverified sources!

Would it sit right with you if your website was the reason your client was targeted with an elaborate phishing scam? Or if your website was used to install a keylogger on your client’s computer compromising their banking credentials? Well, it doesn’t have to anymore!

This website runs on technology so new it has an edge over every other website on the internet. Sounds even bolder still right? Well, how long did it take for you to load this page?

Our copyrighted website platform enables the near instant loading of websites using high level multi-layer encryption and the latest in monitored AI driven Active-Adaptive security technology. The perfect harmony of security and speed has finally been reached.

Best of all, we bundle everything into a managed service! Your website, it’s hosting and security as well as its management for just one monthly fee!

Contact us today to book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can help you make your website safe for your clients whilst leaving your competitors behind in the dust!

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