System Maintenance and PC Tune UPs!

System Maintenance and PC Tune UPs!

We ensure that ensure everything is kept up to date, in great working order, fire hazard reduction and security.

Computer systems power pretty much everything these days, how much would it impact your business if your systems suddenly went offline or became unresponsive?

We provide system maintenance services for PCs, Macintosh and Linux (Server) to ensure your system remains stable and performs adequately.

As part of our system maintenance we;
- Review security settings and logs.
- Review system logs.
- Clear logs from the server to free up space.
- Update system software.
- Perform tune-ups to ensure fast booting times and system responsiveness.
- Provide you with a report outlining any list of recommendations.

We perform PC Hardware maintenance for Servers and Desktop / Laptop PCs, this generally requires the system be turned off for approximately 5-15 minutes while dust on the computers’ hardware is carefully removed. We use compressed air (Canister or Compressor) purpose built for the task to avoid liquid damage to the hardware during the clean.

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