Android and iOS Smartphone App Development

Android and iOS Smartphone App Development

We create custom built mobile applications for smartphones using the UWP, Android and iOS platforms simultaneously to keep your costs low, with cashflow friendly payment options available you can be well on your way to having your new smartphone app developed and live in the AppStore to provide your business with additional revenue streams.

In this past decade we’ve seen the explosion known as smartphone applications rivalling that of the Big Bang!

Smartphone applications are pieces of independently developed software made by developers such as us that gets downloaded and installed onto your Android or iOS device. The purpose of these Apps is as varied as the colours in the rainbow.

We specialise in cross-platform “simulcode” app development using the Xamarin Framework. This framework enables us to simultaneously write native code for Android and iOS devices whilst maintaining a singular code tree for faster development times, easier bug-fixing and capturing, and a plethora of code libraries.

The purpose? To keep costs down to a skeleton budget level!

Contact us today and we’ll setup a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and see if we can assist you with your app project.

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