Custom Backup Solutions

Custom Backup Solutions

Cloud, RAID, FTP, On-site/Off-site backups.

In this day and age Data is one of a businesses most important assets. The significant loss of enough data can not just disrupt a business but can lead to irreparable brand damage and can even lead to litigation.

We suggest a 3 site backup consisting of
a) Local On-Site backup.
b) Off-site incremental backup.
c) Remote Cloud / Remote Resource backup.

We will help your business remain stable and stave off potential data loss by instigating a comprehensive backup plan for your business’ crucial data which consists (at a minimum) of the above mentioned.

Some data such as SAAS Databases can be backed up using cluster-cloning techniques wherein a slave database is setup to mirror the master database ensuring data is always up to date. If configured correctly the slave database will contain roll-back records to undo corrupt records or potentially harmful database entries.

Data can come in many forms, from statistics and client information to sensitive financial records and intellectual property. Give us a call to talk about your backup plans and setup a backup strategy today.

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